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Every day school life


Our school has a specific and plurilingual educative project for babies, toddlers and children up to three years old. Its aim is making a global development possible, helping them in their skills acquisition. It is thought for the children and it is planned in three terms, when all the children stage contents and objectives are encouraged through music, fine and gross motor skills, handling, experimenting, maths logic and teaching outings...


The organization of time and space in the school is very important. Following a general criteria, every classroom has its own time and space plan taking into account different aspects, such as infants’ biological need, the group’s dynamism, the children’s interests and the teacher’s educational task.


Learning English as a first foreign language is one of our new objectives. Our students get involved and get used to English from a very early age (some months). English is daily taught from a dynamic, lively and practical point of view.

Only English is spoken during the lessons and our English teacher always speaks English when talking to the children. This way an appropriate learning is guaranteed.


We have 7 classrooms: babies or breastfed classroom, toddlers classroom, 2- 3 years classroom, dining classroom, psychomotricity class and playground including an organic garden. All our classrooms follow the infant education law guidelines strictly. They are totally and fitted out and adapted to every age.


Our project was designed by the group of teachers who plans and organises the educative atmosphere and updates all the resources periodically to keep the children’s interest and curiosity alive.


The children’s families have a very important role in our educative project. We really value and foster the links and relationships between school and family creating an atmosphere of accompany and sharing links during the whole process.