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Every day school life

Educational project

We have a specific and multilingual project for children up to 3 years old which the intention is to facilitate integral development, and accompany them in acquisition of skills and abilities.
The organization of space and time at school is very important. Each classroom organizes its own temporal and spatial sequencing depending on the biological needs, the dynamism of the group and the interests of the children.
We have English as our first foreign language and our children learn it dynamically and experientally.

About us

A cohesive and committed team to early childhood. We work with the enthusiasm and passion of accompanying children in their process of growth and vital development, emotional and learning.

The families

Families are one the mainstay. Their involvement is essential in the participation of activities and commissions.
In 2016, the association of mothers and fathers was created that actively watches and collaborates by organizing meetings and activities with the center.

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